Complete Master Control Monitoring - We watch your station 24/7 with freeze frame detection so all spots air.

Commercial Insertion- All spots and programs are routed to us and we upload into your system.

FCC Compliance Reporting- We can file all required reports online for your station.

Traffic Logs and Reconciliation- We can build your logs and reconcile for proper billing.

Billing Services - We can bill all clients and the checks are sent directly to you from the clients.

Playlist Automation Prep - We build your entire playlist each day and correct any issues.

Playlist Control - We provide immediate response if you need to change your programming.

Transmitter Parameter and Control for FCC Compliance - We can monitor your transmitter 24/7.

On Site engineering Services- We offer onsite total engineering services from tower to MC.

Master Control Systems- We offer complete MC systems or we can setup control of your existing systems.

Our Services. aL a CARTE!